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Elk Velvet Antler Capsules Cervid Labs

About US

Get to Know Us


Cervid Labs is located in Southern Wisconsin and is a veteran-owned and operated business. While raising elk on our farm, we have seen the demand for velvet antler grow exponentially over the years. There has always been a lack of quality velvet antler supplements on the market, and no facilities that handled the whole process from farm to bottle.  Cervid Labs was formed to fill in that gap and to help expand the US market for velvet antler products. All of the velvet antler sourced, is coming directly from our farm, or coming from a farm in our Velvet Partner Program, which lays out guidelines and standards farmers must follow.


Happy Herd, Happy Life 

The number one priority on our elk farm is animal well-being. Our animals are in a calm and low stress environment, which is very important to overall herd health. The elk graze on hundreds of acres of pasture and alfalfa. They are supplemented with all the basic minerals and nutrients elk need for optimum nutrition. We never use any hormones or antibiotics on our herd. The velvet harvesting process is a painless and harm-free process. Our elk herd supports our business, so they are treated with the most respect and truly live a very happy and whole life.


Our Goals 

  • We are focused on delivering a pure and high-quality velvet antler supplement to the growing market of natural medicine.

  • Set the standards and layout proper guidelines for velvet antler production in the USA.

  • To continue to support the cervid industry, by providing deer and elk farmers a centralized marketplace in the United States to buy and sell velvet antler products.

 Velvet Antler Freeze Drying

Why Choose Us

Grade A Velvet Antler
We only source and process Grade A velvet antler from the USA. This ensures our velvet has the highest possible potency and a product that works to its full potential. 

High Concentration of Natural Minerals
We only use the highest yielding components to produce our supplements. Cervid Labs velvet antler is collected at the peak of potency. In this phase, it contains over 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients including glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, ammino acids, the full growth factor matrix and IGF-1.

Superior Processing Methods
Our processing method is more time consuming but, proven to deliver a more potent product. We use freeze-drying to preserve the minerals and nutrients contained in the antler. Others companies use processing methods that are faster, but not as efficient in preserving the beneficial components of the antler. 


Velvet Antler Reviews Best Velvet Antler



Elk Velvet Antler Works


"Cervid Labs went above and beyond to ensure consumer satisfaction. Their product is top grade and definitely has me feeling stronger and more energetic. I highly recommend them to anyone wood looking for high quality"

Our Farmers

Noble Elk Farm
Tobin Farms Velvet Antler
Elk Ranch Velvet Antler

Noble Elk Farm 

No One Knows Velvet Antler Like Elk Farmers


At Cervid Labs, you can trace back the raw velvet antler to the exact farmer that harvested it. 

Learn more about our elk herd and other elk products... 

Noble Elk Farm
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