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Velvet Antler Processing

Our Process

Our process starts with the elk farmer. We only source raw velvet from our farm directly, or velvet antler from elk farms in the USA. We support our farmers by offering a fair price on the rapidly growing commodity, that is velvet. There is only one opportunity per year to harvest the velvet during the growth stage. 

After harvest, we then utilize the freeze-drying method, to preserve the over 400 active minerals and nutrients found inside the whole velvet antler. The freeze-drying method is more costly and time consuming, but ensures a higher quality and more potent product as opposed to other methods companies use. 

The dried velvet antler is then crushed, ground, and sifted into a fine powder. Particle size reduction is an important step of the process so that the product can be encapsulated.

The velvet antler powder is then encapsulated, packaged, and ready for distribution. This whole process is done under one roof, without outsourcing. 

American Sourced 




We support the deer and elk farming industry by buying raw velvet from elk farmers in the USA.

The most effective way to preserve the mineral content in the velvet antler is freeze-drying.

The velvet is put through a series of machines to crush, grind, and sift the velvet antler into a fine powder

The velvet antler is powder is encapsulated and packaged. 

Raising Red Deer for Velvet Antler
Freeze Drying Velvet Antler Supplements
Grinding Room Velvet Antler Processing Facility
Encapsulating velvet antler capsules

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Contract Manufacturing

We will assess your product specification and quantity. We will source the raw material and handle supplement manufacturing.

This option is great if you have your own line of supplements and looking to market you're own brand.



Cervid Labs offers a wholesale price to professional businesses looking to stock velvet antler products on their shelves. We wholesale velvet antler bottles, capsules, slices, and powder in bulk. 


This option works well with gyms, supplement retailers, chiropractors, pet stores and more.


Ambassador Program

Looking to promote a natural health product? Get paid a commission on each sale, with your own personal promo code.

This option is best for Influencers, professional athletes, fitness icons and others with a personal brand or following.

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